Would you like a chance to reach more of your target audience and help them discover your health product or service?

Nivi, Inc., through a grant from USAID, will offer four organizations the opportunity to accelerate their user engagement with a 12-month fee-free subscription to the askNivi chatbot platform in Nigeria, Kenya or India.



Chat for Change is a competition to award multiple $100,000 credits to select organizations for subscriptions and marketing on Nivi’s user engagement and insights platform, supporting reproductive and maternal health information & services and vaccine hesitancy in India, Kenya, and Nigeria. Winning organizations will have a no-fee subscription for 12 months, unlocking tools to optimize user engagement and improve behavior change, product sales, service uptake and adherence. Thanks to funding from USAID, not only will winners have immediate access to a pre-established user network, they will also be able to use Nivi Insights—a dashboard for analyzing user feedback—to:

  • Gain a better understanding of their target audience

  • Hone current and future communication for increased engagement

  • Assess, alter, or rebrand products & services to maximize client retention and satisfaction



Access to a 12-month fee-free subscription to the askNivi platform worth US$72,000

USD $28,000 in marketing credits to engage target audiences, plus coaching on best practices

Access to Nivi Insights, a dashboard to visualize patterns, trends, and impact in their target audiences



19 April 2021
Application Period Begins
22 April 2021
Virtual Q&A Session
Watch the recording
27 April 2021
Virtual Q&A Session
Watch the recording
7 May 2021
Deadline for Submissions at 11:59PM EDT
mid-May 2021
Finalists Present Pitches to Nivi
late May 2021
Winners Announced
late June 2021
Rolling Launch



  1. Organizations that offer health information, products, or services for sexual and reproductive health, maternal health, or immunizations in India, Kenya, or Nigeria are invited to submit an application describing their organization, how, where, and with whom they operate, as well as how askNivi fits into their engagement strategies. The application period opens April 19, 2021.

  2. Nivi will host two virtual Q&A sessions to introduce the competition and respond to questions about the process and its requirements.

  3. To be considered, organizations must submit their applications here by 11:59 PM EDT on April 30, 2021.

  4. Nivi’s selection committee will review applications and invite finalists to present their pitches virtually in mid-May.

  5. Winners will be announced late May.

  6. Nivi will onboard participant organizations with a rolling launch in late June.

  7. Over the course of 12 months, participant organizations will be encouraged to integrate Nivi’s engagement engine into multiple projects in their portfolio. The benefits of digital accrue at scale and participating organizations will be able to access analysis and visualized insights on users engaged in their campaigns. 


The Chat for Change Challenge aims to recognize and support organizations that are dedicated to helping individuals make healthier, better informed decisions about sexual and reproductive health, maternal health, and vaccines. Nivi’s goal is to help these organizations deepen their understanding of and optimize engagement with their target audiences. Using Nivi’s platform, participating organizations will optimize their overall impact, and improve the wellbeing and agency of the populations they serve.


  • Retail health product and pharmacy chains

  • E-commerce health product companies

  • For-profit, nonprofit, and public clinic networks

  • For-profit, nonprofit, and public hospitals

  • Social insurance funds

  • Telemedicine providers

  • Health education NGOs


Organizations must meet the following criteria to qualify:

Geographic Relevance: Area of operation must be in India, Kenya, or Nigeria.

Organizational Presence:
 Be a legally registered entity and be able to provide proof of registration.

Marketing Match: We'd like to show you how your marketing dollars can go further, and as such we'd like you to match Nivi's marketing commitment with your own.

Programmatic Longevity: Have projects that could benefit from extending the Nivi subscription into a second year.


Do you have questions about the application process? Would you like to know more about the type of service Nivi will provide? Email us at You can also find us on Facebook, and Instagram