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Hi, I'm Nivi.

How can I help you?

Nivi's conversational marketplace enables better health outcomes at scale by giving today's health consumer the information and tools they need to make informed decisions about their health.

Chat with askNivi
Nivi's interactive chatbot

Conversations that enable
service providers, product distributors, payers, and pharmaceutical companies
to reach and serve patient populations at scale 

Our interactive chat service, askNivi, makes it simple for health consumers of all backgrounds to explore health topics of interest to them, and receive guidance on the health products and services that will enable them to lead healthier lives.  

Nivi Insights shows trends and patterns in the health journeys that individuals take from initial engagement to actions taken enabling service and product providers to tailor their services and products to best meet the needs of the populations they serve.

askNivi drives users toward positive health outcomes through conversation

Accessible through popular messaging platforms, like WhatsApp, askNivi makes it possible to reach the broadest possible audience at low cost. Whether it be making a health message more visible to a specific target population, promoting health services and products, or engaging a population in behavioral interventions, all you have to do is define the outcomes, and the askNivi conversational agent will guide your target audience to those outcomes.

Facts, not Myths

Nivi's conversational content enables interactive engagement with a focus on empowering consumers to take action


anywhere, anytime

WhatsApp enables consumers to privately engage with Nivi on their terms

Personalized Recommendations

Nivi's customized screening algorithms and geo-targeted referrals enable personalized recommendations

Nivi Insights enables deeper understanding of user behaviors and actions,

along with product and service demand amongst different populations

Nivi Insights helps make sense of what is happening along each step of the way to a specific health outcome - from engagement, to education, to product or service uptake. Service providers and distributors can use Insights to maximize their marketing ROI, and mold their product and service offerings to fit the needs of the populations they serve. Payers and pharmaceutical companies can use Insights to inform what products make most sense for a given population, and how to best get those products into the hands of the people that can benefit from them.

Nivi Partners

Nivi works with public health experts and medical professionals to develop highly accurate conversational content based on trusted research and direct patient experience.

Merck for Mothers


The David & Lucille Packard Foundation


Ipas Development Foundation

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Amazon Web Services

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