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Product Owner, HPV and Cervical Cancer

Global (Nigeria, India, Kenya, USA) - Remote

Full Time

About You

You are a person whose passion lies at the intersection of health and technology, and sees an opportunity to use technology to change the way people think about their health, and how health systems serve people. You see the big picture in high definition and can communicate it clearly in crisp, actionable steps that produce meaningful outcomes for consumers and businesses.

About the Role

The HPV and Cervical Cancer Product Owner will follow principles of Behavioral Product Management to create solutions that raises awareness about vaccines, promotes uptake, and connects people to vaccination services provided by the health system. This position will work with Nivi’s diverse team (including engineers, marketers, salespeople, and content writers spanning four countries) as well as external partners to:  

  • Develop vaccination health journeys–content and related assets–that raise awareness about vaccinations, understand people’s perceptions and health seeking behaviors towards vaccines, and help them take action

  • Develop and refine a set of playbooks and best practices for how the product is marketed to various consumer segments, and prove the efficacy of those playbooks through specific customer use cases

  • Define and develop playbooks for how the product integrates with the health system to ensure seamless handoff from the digital realm to real world health services, and see that consumers are consuming health services offered by our customers

  • Develop analytics which inform internal decisions and which are compelling and persuasive tools for onboarding and retaining partners in the health system

  • Incorporate factors from customer requirements, industry best practices, theory from relevant fields, and operating environment

  • Use the product platform to gather and understand insights about who our users are in terms of demographics, mindset, and resources and incorporate that formatively into product choices and communication

  • Define measurable outcomes to achieve that fit within the overall business strategy and that also meet the expectations of individual customers; Iterate, assess, and adjust based on qualitative and quantitative feedback

  • Collaborate to advance company-wide goals

The right candidate will have a proven track record of turning ideas into working behavior change models, have a background in vaccines and driving uptake of vaccines, working with and supporting diverse populations, and using data to inform the creative process.

This position is 100% remote (with occasional travel) and reports to the company’s Chief Technology Officer.


  • 3+ year of experience working in the vaccination or HPV/CC domain - with specific knowledge of driving awareness on vaccines, and helping people get vaccinated against various diseases

  • 3+ years of experience working with culturally diverse populations

  • 1+ years of experience turning ideas into effective products and workflows

  • Knowledge of behavioral psychology, behavioral economics, health advocacy, human factors, social work, or other field relevant to individual health decision-making

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Good time management skills

  • Self motivated and self managing

  • Fluent with at least one project management tool – we use Jira

About the Company

The  askNivi conversational AI platform consists of several connected products which put the consumer at the center of their own healthcare, providing them the means to make informed decisions about their health. These products are always free to use. For business customers, Nivi generates: brand, product or service awareness; referrals and sales; feedback on healthcare services and products; and insights into health markets. Nivi currently serves populations in Nigeria, Kenya, and India.

Within this Nivi has two journeys related to HPV and Cervical Cancer:

The Global HPV Preventive Care Impact & Insights Journey integrates with local healthcare providers and  brings a wide range of users on a journey through awareness, activation, and action, promoting HPV vaccine uptake and gathering key insights about perspectives on HPV in various populations. Consumers of this journey come to askNivi through advertising, provider partnerships, and organic growth.

The HPV/CC Wellness Journey supports insurance plan subscribers in understanding their plan benefits, understanding their own health and risks, and making most of their entitled preventive care coverage. Consumers of this journey come to askNivi through partnership with their health insurance provider.

How to Apply

Send in your CV, and a cover letter that tells us what makes you unique, how you see digital platforms fitting into healthcare, and highlights your experience to

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