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Project Coordinator, India


Full Time

About You

You are a person whose passion lies at the intersection of health and technology, and who sees an opportunity to use technology to change the way people act on their health, and how health systems serve people. You see the big picture in high definition and can communicate it clearly in crisp, actionable steps that produce meaningful outcomes for consumers and businesses

About the Role

The Project Coordinator will work with Nivi Impact customers in India–primarily NGOs and private sector healthcare delivery organizations–to help them realize value from askNivi, in the form of better awareness of services and products they offer, and improved health outcomes. This person will work closely with Nivi’s global team to manage existing relationships, build scalable strategies and tools to support implementation of outreach campaigns, and ensure overall customer satisfaction.

Job Functions

  • Establish clear goals that Nivi can help a customer to achieve within a well defined framework of what Nivi does and does not offer by

    • Creating user journeys on askNivi for each customer that helps them engage with and drive health outcomes for the patient populations they serve

    • Creating benchmarks to work against through research of industry and experience with prior customers

  • Establish and execute an onboarding process for customers with focus on customer centricity. This will entail -

    • Setting up and documenting onboarding processes for every customer that include defining marketing campaigns, user journeys in askNivi, and analytics funnels for marketing campaigns and user journeys 

    • Building a strong understanding of products and services offered by the customer, including their systems and context in order to facilitate smooth integration into askNivi  

  • Manage the overall experience of the platform for customers through an operating model that -

    • Tracks and optimizes execution of marketing campaigns across internal and external marketing teams 

    • Tracks and optimizes user journeys on a month over month basis 

    • Contributes to the growth and learning of using the platform in the customer’s context through regular delivery of actionable insights that the customer can use to meet their organizational objectives

    • Enables communication of value delivered on a regular basis to customers as well as the Nivi team for better customer management 

    • Allows for troubleshooting in real-time without requiring internal resources, yet also enables feedback to the product teams for incremental improvements to the productCreates clear feedback loops to internal product & business teams to allow -

      • The product team to continually enhance functionality based on real world use cases

      • The business team to upsell existing customers, and use documented case studies to sell to new customers


This position reports to the Chief Business Officer, and will regularly engage with the product and marketing teams.


Must haves

  • 3-5 years of experience with project management and grassroots campaigns in India and/or other South Asian markets

  • Experience managing relationships with NGOs and the private for-profit sector as clients and customers

  • Experience deploying and managing technology products in a health setting

  • Strong analytical skills with an ability to use Microsoft Excel to create, analyze, and optimize user journeys on digital platforms

  • Willingness to travel

  • Willingness to work non-traditional hours to ensure frequent communication with Nivi’s global team

  • Fluency in English, Hindi, and regionally relevant languages

  • Sense of urgency and ability to work around ambiguity


  • Experience in a start-up or entrepreneurial role

  • Knowledge of public health, and health systems

  • Track record of developing and running consumer marketing campaigns for impact

  • Experience working in social enterprises or in the social impact space

About the Company

Nivi was launched in 2016 with a mission to enable everyone to achieve their own aspirations for health. Through our conversational platform, askNivi, we put the consumer at the center of their own healthcare, and provide them the means to make informed decisions about their health. For our customers in India–NGOs, private sector healthcare delivery organizations, insurers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers–we help to generate awareness on health products and services; generate referrals and sales of health products and services; generate feedback on these products and services; and generate actionable insights on the drivers and inhibitors of uptake of these products and services. We are a passionate mission-driven team with a current focus on reproductive and maternal health, and infectious diseases.

How to Apply

Send in your CV, and a cover letter that tells us what makes you unique, how you see digital platforms fitting into healthcare, and highlights your experience to

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