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State Coordinator-Provider Acquisition-Delhi-Gurugram

Delhi, Gurugram


About You


● Undergraduate degree, either completed or in progress

● Proficient in MS office, specifically Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets

● Excellent customer service skills

● Resourceful, professional and trustworthy

● Fluent in Hindi.

About the Role

Project overview

The Women’s Health and Livelihood Alliance (WoHLA) initiative aims to develop youth centred approaches for family planning, expand access to a range of affordable and accessible contraceptives for youth, and increase demand for SRH products and services. The State Coordinator is primarily responsible for driving our provider acquisition efforts. This includes developing a comprehensive database of facilities with family planning services, including consultation and products, across several areas in India, and onboarding providers to our network. The goal is to increase awareness about askNivi among family planning providers and expand our provider network to improve referrals for askNivi users in India.

Family planning on askNivi

Family planning is one of the first journeys that Nivi developed and deployed on the askNivi chatbot. The chatbot provides a rich engagement experience, including exploring different types of birth control methods, addressing myths and misconceptions, and offers tailored recommendations based on users’ age, medical history, and current health status. askNivi can also refer users to nearby healthcare providers for further consultation or treatment. The chatbot is available 24/7 on WhatsApp and is designed to protect users' privacy and confidentiality, ensuring that all conversations are secure and confidential.

Role and Responsibilities

The State Coordinator will be responsible for developing and sustaining relationships with local

providers of reproductive health products and services in Delhi and Gurugram.

To succeed in this role, the State Coordinator will perform the following essential functions:

  1. Provider Mapping 

  • Conduct a thorough search of family planning providers in Delhi and Gurugram to develop a database of healthcare practitioners and pharmacists. 

This includes:

  • Finding family planning providers in Delhi and Gurugram - providers include health practitioners for consultations and procedures, and pharmacists who stock family planning products.

  • Verifying their presence through an online search or by calling individual providers to confirm their location and provision of family planning services.

2. Provider outreach - 

  • Meet with providers to onboard them onto the askNivi network. This involves making visits to select providers, articulating the value proposition of onboarding onto askNivi and answering any questions they may have regarding the process. 

  • The State Coordinator will also be required to report back on their on-ground experience to amend the pitch accordingly.

3. Provider onboarding and training -

  • Educate providers on the askNivi platform, print and distribute QR codes and train providers on using QR codes to onboard users to the platform.

4. Provider engagement -

  • Maintain relationships with onboarded providers and provide necessary support.

5. Content localisation -

  • Collaborate with Nivi’s marketing and content teams to refine text and multimedia content to increase compatibility with the local cultural context of Delhi and Gurugram.

Project period

January - September 2024


This position reports to the Nivi Project lead and will regularly engage with the product and marketing teams.


Must be located in the Delhi-NCR region


The candidate must have a laptop.


About the Company


Nivi is a digital health company founded in 2016 with a mission to enable every person to realise their own aspirations for better health. We accomplish this through our interactive chat-based marketplace, askNivi, which is available for free to users through WhatsApp. askNivi focuses on providing on-demand, trusted, and actionable health information that enables every individual to make more informed and supported decisions about their health.

The key health areas covered by askNivi are Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), Maternal and Child Health, Tuberculosis, HIV/STI, Malaria, HPV & Cervical Cancer, and Vaccine Hesitancy. Operating in India, Kenya and Nigeria in five languages, Nivi has engaged over 1.4 million users globally, and over 9,00,000 in India alone.

How to Apply

NOTE : Candidates must submit their applications with a PDF resume & a brief cover letter highlighting relevant experience to

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