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The askNivi Product

Nivi's proprietary chat platform, askNivi, is comprised of a suite of tools that allow our team members to create, test, localize and optimize the end user chat experience globally across 3 countries and in over 5+ languages (and counting).


For Impact customers, Nivi creates awareness with your target audience where they are: social media, traditional media. Our proprietary chat platform allows us to attribute a user's marketing source and deliver tailored, contextual onboarding language to welcome them to the askNivi chatbot.


We put a whole lot of knowledge into just a few letters! askNivi's keywords are strategically designed to be user-friendly, and we tag each one with the country and customer. We're able to track onboarding rates from each keyword into the chatbot, allowing us to measure marketing campaign effectiveness, too.
Custom Onboarding

Dovetailing off our Keyword functionality, askNivi can serve a tailored onboarding experience for your user, taking into account location, language and context (in-store, online, "in the wild" and more) and present her with a menu of topics or deep-dive her into a content journey.


We create chatbot conversations using strategies rooted in the science of behavior change to educate, empower and encourage the user to take action. askNivi's content is vetted by health professionals--and we don't use cookie-cutter translations; Our content is carefully "trans-created" using local slang/colloquialisms, and we lose the technical medical jargon to make sure our audience understands.

Multi-Language Support

We speak our users' language - literally! Our platform allows us to serve our entire library of health content in our users' preferred language, selected at onboarding.
Scored Response (Quizzes)

Who remembers the (in)famous Cosmo quiz? Our tools allow us to assign points to answers and calculate the user's total score. We've implemented this technology to deploy knowledge assessments and risk assessments--both great tools for keeping users moving down the funnel toward taking action.
Conditional Branching

Say goodbye to linear, robotic chatbots. askNivi's content can split in any number of ways to allow our content creators to tailor the experience based on user's demographics and answers to questions.

Connecting the dots between topical conversations and letting the user chat at their own pace is what Journeys is all about. We designed the ability to nest conversations, allowing us to chart the course of education, behavior change and care uptake for our users - keeping them focused on their health goal and encouraging them toward and over the finish line.

Ready to get chatting?


askNivi provides contextual care recommendations from our marketplace of offerings--from in-person health services at physical clinics and providers to digital pharmacy commerce--in order to provide the end user with a choice of how to get care, on their terms. Nivi also can hand off "warm leads" directly to your CRM, chat service, or even by email.

Nivi Referrals

askNivi's referrals database allows for tagging of resources (clinics, pharmacies, eCommerce and more) with distinct service and product offerings. When the user decides to take up care and receive a referral, we match her to up to 3 physical locations near her and up to 3 digital resources where she can buy online or receive e-Consultation. Nivi Referrals helps to deliver on our promise of giving users control over their health journey and giving her choice in that process.
Drill Down Experience

Some users want to learn a little more about our care partners before deciding to buy or make an appointment: Enter "DDE"! We create a custom micro-conversation to deliver the user an extra layer of information and hand-holding--plus we can code in the ability to capture user consent to send their phone number to our care partner for appointment scheduling--and much more. This converts informed Nivi users into qualified, hot leads for your product or service, delivered to you in real-time.


It's important to help users keep their health top of mind in order to stick with their goals; Re-engagement messaging throughout the health Journey is our answer.

Audience Builder

Nivi staff can use demographic, geographic and behavioral targeting to find the right users to guide to new health content.
Nudge Manager

We can deploy targeted campaign messaging to users, bringing them back into askNivi chat to continue a health journey, give feedback on a clinic visit, guide them to a new topic, or even ask them to take a quiz.

Learn how Nivi can serve you

Let's chat about how Nivi's tools can help optimize toward your organization's goals.

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