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Our interactive chat service, askNivi, is available through WhatsApp for free. It makes it simple for men, women, and youth to explore and learn about key health topics on sexual health to gain general knowledge or specific actionable guidance.

Nivi’s enterprise partners use the platform for patient engagement and education, to drive individuals to health products and services, and research. Partners integrate askNivi into their campaigns to offer a tailored experience to their audience, and extend a single touchpoint into an ongoing relationship made possible through mobile communications. They can also access aggregated and anonymized insights from interactions to further their goals of improving access and uptake of health products and services. 



Nivi supplies insights that show trends and patterns in the health journeys that individuals take from initial marketing engagement, to health content accessed, and finally to actions taken in seeking out health services, purchasing health products, or achieving a particular health goal. It is through these insights gleaned from individual interactions with askNivi that enables partners to adjust their messaging, and also tailor the products and services they offer to best meet the needs of the audiences they serve.

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