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Connecting you to the next billion health consumers

through the power of conversation.

askNivi can help you reach, understand, design for, and serve health consumers throughout their life journey.

And in turn help you shape health markets for the next billion health consumers.

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1.5 MM

6.7 MM


users engaged

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How Nivi helps health system actors

Learn about consumers, what actions they take or do not take, and understand how they make health and wellness-related decisions.

MSD (Merck & Co.) subscribed to Nivi Insights to understand health-seeking behaviors in relation to cervical cancer screenings and prevention.

We helped MSD discover that while awareness among Kenyans was low, most felt it important to vaccinate.


However, despite the high perceived importance, almost half were not ready to act and faced barriers like lack of financial resources that kept them from acting.

What do our insights look like?

HPV Awareness amongst Kenyans across cohorts
HPV vaccination status amongst Kenyans across cohorts
Barriers to access the HPV Vaccine amongst Kenyans across cohorts
Hear from our customers
Yusuf Rasool.png
Yusuf Rasool (M Pharma, MBA)
Director of Sustainable Access Solutions
"Nivi Insights enabled us to make data driven decisions when thinking of interventions to pursue and finding messaging that would resonate with the target audience. It enabled us to discover consumer's health seeking behaviors and barriers to access."
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