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Our conversational marketplace puts people at the center of care delivering better health outcomes through sustained engagement and connection to the right health services and products.

Our insights captures people's thinking and actions so that we can better understand their needs and help them make informed decisions and move them toward method uptake.

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Our mission is to help every person achieve their own aspirations for health by empowering them with information and resources

Nivi is a digital health company with a mission to enable every person to realize their own aspirations for better health. We accomplish this through a relentless focus on providing on-demand, trusted, and actionable health information that enables every individual to take more informed and supported decisions about their health.
Our interactive chat service, askNivi, is available through Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp for free. It makes it simple for men, women, and youth to explore and learn about key health topics on sexual health to gain general knowledge or specific actionable guidance.
Nivi supplies insights that show trends and patterns in the health journeys that individuals take from initial marketing engagement, to health content accessed, and finally to actions taken in seeking out health services, purchasing health products, or achieving a particular health goal. It is through these insights gleaned from individual interactions with askNivi that enables partners to adjust their messaging, and also tailor the services they offer to best meet the needs of the audiences they serve.

Conversations with askNivi drives users toward positive health outcomes

Nivi’s AI powered conversational agent guides your audience to the right outcomes.

Accessible through popular messaging platforms WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, askNivi is designed to make it possible to reach the broadest possible audience at low cost, and in a rapid manner. Whether it be making a health message more visible to a specific target population, promoting health services and products, or engaging a population in behavioral interventions, all you have to do is define the outcomes, and through a combination of data, AI, and behavioral science, the askNivi conversational agent will guide your target audience to those outcomes.

Facts, not Myths

Nivi is like your cool Auntie who has all the answers and doesn't judge you. Nivi gives you the facts so you can decide what's best for you.

Personal Recommendations

Tell Nivi your age, sex, and where you live to get personal recommendations. Nivi can help you find birth control that is right for your body.

Find a Clinic

It is very important to have a good clinic. Nivi can help you find a location near you so you can get your contraceptives safely and privately when you need them.

Nivi is Free, Safe, and Private

It's easy to chat. Nivi is available 24/7 on WhatsApp.

Nivi Insights allows us to understand user behaviors and actions, along with product and service demand amongst different demographics.


Nivi Insights uses data, AI, and behavioral science to help every person realize their own aspirations for health

Nivi Insights helps make sense of what is happening along each step of the way to a specific health outcome - from engagement, to education and action. Service providers and distributors can use Insights to maximize their marketing ROI, and mold their product and service offerings to fit the needs of the populations they serve. Payers and pharmaceutical companies can use Insights to inform what products make most sense for a given population, and how to best get those products into the hands of the people that can benefit from them.

Nivi helps service providers, product distributors, payers, and pharmaceutical companies maximize their value

Nivi Partners

Nivi works with public health experts and medical professionals to develop highly accurate conversational content based on trusted research and direct patient experience.

Merck for Mothers

The David & Lucille Packard Foundation

Ipas Development Foundation