better health as easy starting a conversation

Hi, I’m Nivi.

How can I help you?

Our askNivi conversational platform lets users ask questions and get connected to the best health services around. Let us show you how we can link your digital and offline marketing to engagement with askNivi.



Our mission is to make better health as easy as starting a conversation


engaging users


Turning marketing campaigns into engagement is hard. Let askNivi do the hard work for you.

The process is simple. Start by including a unique keyword or promo code in your marketing campaigns. When a user texts askNivi for free via SMS (Facebook and WhatsApp coming soon), we’ll automatically identify her intent and route her to the best conversation. Conversations can kick out to live customer success teams at any point. Don't want to run your own marketing campaigns or support teams? No problem, we can help.


delivering for partners


We turn data into insights for partners in industry, government, and the non-profit sectors


Our custom dashboards connect your marketing campaigns to user engagement with askNivi and follow-on services like medical referrals. We take the pain out of reporting and analytics. Let us work with you to build the reporting tools that help you make real-time, informed decisions. Give our basic demo a try and we'll walk you through the next steps.

our team


Our team brings together experts in product design & technology, public health, and data science


Siddhartha Goyal

Co-Founder, CEO


Ben Bellows, PhD

Co-Founder, Chief Revenue Officer


Eric Green, PhD

Co-Founder, Advisor

2 (1).png

Jessica Heinzelman

VP of Growth


Cynthia Kahumbura

Kenya Country Lead

3 (1).png

Nidhi Sen

Partner Success Lead, India


Nilofar Haja

Content & Marketing Lead, India