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For Health Promoters

Having difficulty engaging with your target audience?

Health systems have become increasingly complex to navigate, and consumers, especially women, often lack the necessary tools necessary to make informed decisions on their health. This often leads to disengagement from health system by many, and eventually poor health outcomes at an individual and population level. 


Our conversational marketplace, askNivi, is available to your audience where they already are - on messaging platforms like WhatsApp.

Through a unique combination of behavioral science, real-time data segmented by demographic and behavioral attributes, and AI, askNivi provides those audiences with the tools they need to engage with their own health and the health system on their own terms, while driving better health outcomes.


To drive health awareness and uptake of services, Society for Family Health (SFH) contracted Nivi on a 4-year project to generate demand for family planning and primary healthcare at drug shops and pharmacies in selected states across Nigeria.

Community Pharmacists (CPs) and Patent and Proprietary Medicine Vendors (PPMVs) are the first point of primary health care (PHC) for most Nigerians. Given their widespread presence, well-regulated and well-trained PPMVs could strengthen access to universal health care (UHC) by playing a greater role in PHC provision, including promising health interventions such as self-injectable DMPA SC and integrated management of childhood illnesses (IMCI).

Leveraging social media and offline campaigns to drive awareness of health journeys on the askNivi chatbot, Nivi quickly onboarded for SFH tens of thousands of users and re-engaged them in family planning, tuberculosis, STIs and more. Educating these users is the first step in helping them to convert their interest into health seeking action. askNivi was also translated and deployed in the Hausa language to further meet the needs of users. Referring users to PPMVs and CPs for family planning services and primary healthcare, SFH has continued to realize their goal of strengthening the health system via CP and PPMV primary points of care in Nigeria.


Who's Achieving Their Goals with Nivi Impact


Society for Family Health

Society for Family Health is one of Nigeria's leading reproductive health nonprofits promoting rights-based access and availability of contraceptives.

SFH uses Nivi Impact to reach people with messaging on contraception and primary health, recommendations on products and services through Nivi's screening algorithms, and referrals to patent and proprietary medicine vendors (PPMVs) in selected states across Nigeria.



Ipas believes all people have the right to make fundamental decisions about their own bodies and health. As a non-profit, Ipas works globally to advance reproductive justice by expanding access to a range of sexual and reproductive health services

Ipas uses Nivi Impact in Kenya to raise awareness of reproductive health and family planning, and refer individuals to pharmacies along users’ self-care journeys.


PSI India Private Limited

PSI India Private Limited is a social enterprise that provides consumers with safe, effective, and affordable contraceptives and healthcare products through their BetweenUs brand (

PSI employed Nivi Impact to educate its consumers in priority states about their contraceptive choices and to refer them to their branded service delivery endpoints including clinics, pharmacists, and e-pharmacies.



Jhpiego is a global health nonprofit dedicated to advancing trailblazing health services for those who need it most. In India, Jhpiego is working to improve reproductive health outcomes of women and their families through increased access to high-quality reproductive health services within the public health system.

Jhpiego employed Nivi Impact to enable omni-channel demand generation and uptake of contraceptives by rural women and men within Bihar's public health system, and private pharmacies in Uttar Pradesh.


Pathfinder International

Pathfinder International is a global non-profit organization that focuses on reproductive health, family planning, HIV/AIDS prevention and care, and maternal health. The organization operates in more than 15 low- and middle-income countries in Africa and South Asia. In Nigeria, Pathfinder is collaborating with the Kaduna State Ministry of Health to improve maternal health outcomes of women and their families.

Pathfinder uses Nivi Impact to help increase first trimester ANC visits, support women throughout their ANC and PNC journeys, and generate feedback on the quality of maternal and newborn health services.


Surgo Ventures

Surgo Ventures (SV) solves health problems using behavioral science, data science, and artificial intelligence.

Together with Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), Surgo Ventures employed Nivi Impact to bridge the gap in access to family planning information and services among rural women and men in Madhya Pradesh (MP) during COVID-19, and to used Nivi Insights to strengthen government family planning and abortion services in the State of MP.


FHI 360

FHI 360 is a nonprofit human development organization that manages projects relating to family planning and reproductive health as well as conducts research and implements programs that address malaria, tuberculosis, and other infectious and chronic diseases.

In Nigeria, FHI used Nivi Impact to launch HIV conversations on World AIDS Day 2021, as well as generate referrals to a national toll-free HIV/AIDS helpline and PEPFAR-supported public facilities in Akwa Ibom and Cross River states.

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