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For Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Need on-the-ground data about your target customer?

Is your brand or market access team looking to understand readiness to get a cervical cancer screening and vaccinated against HPV amongst women of reproductive age in Kenya? Or understand what reproductive health products young married couples want in India? Or learn why adults might discontinue use of a certain product?

Nivi Insights already has the data you need on these hard-to-reach health consumers. We can work with you to quickly engage Nivi users to produce the data you need, at a faster pace than traditional research studies.

Nivi Insights shows trends and patterns in the health journeys that individuals take from awareness to action, enabling you to determine the best models for distribution that enables affordable access high quality therapeutics.

MSD subscribed to Nivi Insights to understand perceived importance of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, willingness to pay, and readiness to act amongst 15-26 year olds and parents of young teens in Kenya. The information supported their market access initiatives, and enabled them to figure out how to create the best distribution strategies for the vaccine.

Nivi Insights showed that awareness and knowledge of HPV and the link to cancer are generally low. When vaccination is framed as cancer prevention, people see the importance of vaccination, but not everyone is ready to act or has the means to pay immediately in full. Segmentation is key to understand who will act under what conditions, when and where. Insights validate that digital interventions can turn behavioral intention into action.


Who's Achieving Their Goals with Nivi Insights


MSD Global Market Access

Merck & Co., also known as MSD outside of North America, is a research-driven company that develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of medicines and services. The Sustainable Access Solutions Group (SAS) is a group within MSD dedicated to enabling patient access to life-saving therapeutics for diseases in which MSD has deep expertise globally. They accomplish this mission through a range of strategies and solutions that ultimately lead to facilitating affordable access to those therapeutic options, enabled by appropriate disease awareness.

The MSD SAS Group within MSD's Global Market Access Team is using Nivi Insights to generate insights on consumer knowledge, awareness, and behaviors towards HPV and HPV prevention and treatment.

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