The Nivi Team

Our mission is to help every person achieve their own aspirations for health. Our team brings together experts in product design & technology, public health, and data science. We aim to provide information, educate, and increase access and resources globally and achieve this by employing a global team.

Anne Nyanchoka.jpg

Anne Nyanchoka (she/her/hers)

Global Marketing

Anne is a Marketing expert with a communications degree from The University of Nairobi, Marketing certification from The Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK and certification from Facebook and Google. Anne has over 6 years experience in using digital and other marketing strategies for brand equity and user growth for startups and scale-ups. She specializes in rapid testing and creative strategies for growth. At Nivi, Anne supports and advises Nivi’s customers and partners to build successful marketing strategies as well as helps build Nivi’s product askNivi to be a powerful health marketing tool for customers.

Why Nivi: “I am passionate about using technology to make life easier and beautiful through better health.”

Ben Bellows.jpeg

Ben Bellows, PhD (he/him/his)


Co-founder, Chief Business Officer

Dr. Ben Bellows is co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Nivi, a behavior change digital health company empowering individuals with actionable information. Charities, for-profits, and public agencies use Nivi’s platform to optimize engagement with their key audiences. Ben previously was a health researcher at the Population Council in the Nairobi, Lusaka, and Washington DC offices, conducting studies of performance-based financing, reproductive health vouchers, and community health policies with government and non-state partners in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. His lifelong work covers user-facing information technologies, human rights, and reproductive health. Ben has published nearly 50 peer reviewed manuscripts and holds a PhD in epidemiology (’09) from the University of California, Berkeley.

Why Nivi: “I am thrilled by the notion of accelerating just and equitable access to high quality healthcare for all.”

Daphine Achieng.jpg

Daphine Achieng (she/her/hers)

Community Engagement Manager

Daphine is a social worker who studied at Eldoret Polytechnic. She did volunteer work in Webuye County Hospital and AMPATH Center Webuye, where she got experience in human rights advocacy, groups and Individual empowerment, outreach work, psychological counseling, emergency support and referrals, case management, training, and monitoring attachés. She is also a certified HIV testing counselor. At Nivi, she has helped in user engagement, training offline marketing teams, training partners on how Nivi works and offering support, she is good at English to Swahili translations and is currently doing more user research to help improve the product. 

Why Nivi: “I am all about making a difference in people's lives and Nivi achieves this by giving people (especially youth) accurate information to help them make positive health choices and inform them on where to get the health services they need.”

David Tresner-Kirsch.jpg

David Tresner-Kirsch (he/him/his)

Chief Architect


David has developed healthcare informatics solutions at the CMS Alliance to Modernize Healthcare (MITRE), and researched dialect-accented speech recognition at the Center for Language and Speech Processing (Johns Hopkins University). He has designed and taught graduate courses on machine translation at Brandeis University and built web applications in a variety of contexts. His work on healthcare informatics has been published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA), the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (JAGS), and Database. David holds degrees in Computer Science (BA, Lehigh University) and Computational Linguistics (MA, Brandeis University).

Why Nivi: “I've lived the experience of health outcomes determined by patient knowledge, and I believe increasing patient health knowledge and reducing barriers to finding care is essential in a world where access to professional care is scarce for everyone - some more than others given inequities, privileges, and biases, but actually everyone.”


Dhaval Radadiya (he/him/his)

askNivi Engineer - Full Stack Developer (Jeavio)


Dhaval is a full-stack engineer who enjoys working with both frontend & backend technologies. He is an enthusiastic learner and a keen problem solver.

Why Nivi: “I feel respected and valued for what I bring to Nivi.”

Diana Klatt.jpg

Diana Klatt, MPH (she/her/hers)


Senior Product Manager, Insights


Diana is a social epidemiologist and has studied at NYU College of Global Public Health (MPH), NYU Tandon School of Engineering (BSc), and the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences (DPT). She has worked in non-profits, NGOs, academia, and industry with public health, human rights, healthcare access and policy, and digital health technology. Her work ranges from digging into health data to creating global health educational programs, to changing health policies, to writing and hosting public health education mini-series. At Nivi she uses her diverse background to analyze data and identify human health behaviors and trends, and her communication expertise to help Nivi optimize outreach for better health outcomes.


Why Nivi: “I am passionate about providing people with information and education that allows them to make the best decisions for their health and overall wellbeing.”

Eric Green.png

Eric Green, PhD (he/him/his)

Co-founder, Chief Scientist

Eric graduated from the University of South Carolina with a PhD in Clinical Psychology (’08) and Master’s degrees in International Studies (’06) and Psychology (’04). After completing post-doctoral training at the Bellevue/NYU Program for Survivors of Torture, he worked as an Associate at the Population Council before joining the faculty at Duke University’s Global Health Institute where he teaches courses on research methods and data science. As a behavioral scientist with an interest in digital health and data science, Eric leads Nivi’s work to better understand our users and apply principles of behavior change to Nivi products.


Why Nivi: “I co-founded Nivi because I believe that we can build digital products that help people live happier, healthier lives.”

Khushkool Khosla.jpg

Khushkool Khosla (she/her/hers)


Social Media Manager, India


Khushkool is a digital junkie with over 4 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Designing. She developed her interest in marketing and content strategy during her first internship with the Maharashtra Government and started designing digital campaigns at the age of 18. Curating content comes naturally to her. Khuskhool help brands curate content and strike productive collaborations enhancing their content game and enhancing their SEO. She helps people fall in love with brands and helps brands with not only achieving their marketing objectives but also act as their survival kit across different business verticals. Apart from planning end-to-end digital strategies for brands, Khuskhool love using my creative instincts in enhancing user experience and driving the sales funnel towards conversions. 

Why Nivi: “The idea that you have somebody who can guide and provide you with correct information and solutions is really comforting. I feel what we are doing at Nivi is the same. It gives people the opportunity to discover their options and talk to a digital friend who helps and guides them to make an informed decision about their health and overall well being. And that in itself is a super power!”

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Kyoko Thompson, MPH MIA (she/her/hers)


Global Content Lead

Kyoko is a researcher and writer specializing in sexual and reproductive health and rights; with a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University, a Master of Public Health from NYU, and a Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of Connecticut. A passion for clinical science and gender equity has driven her work and research at other organizations such as UNICEF, UNFPA, Marie Stopes International, and Columbia University. At Nivi, she is responsible for defining and developing askNivi content strategy across all health areas offered by askNivi. 

Why Nivi: Because improving women’s health is a requisite for improving the wellbeing of all.

Laura Cusson.jpg

Laura Cusson (she/her/hers)

Director of Product

A 20-year veteran of marketing, project management, and digital product management, Laura has crafted digital experiences for some of the most recognizable US-based brands: IKEA USA, CVS Health and Fidelity Investments. With over 8 years experience leading distributed, agile software teams, her relentless focus on solving customer problems results in top-notch, award-winning apps and websites. Laura holds a Bachelors in Business Administration, Concentration in Marketing from Northeastern University, and has been a Certified Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Master.

Why Nivi: “I am passionate about ensuring all women have the knowledge & power to control their own reproductive journey.”


Roopal Shah (she/her/hers)


Nivi Insights - Engineering Manager (Jeavio)


Roopal is an engineering leader with a deep understanding of backend technologies and databases.


Why Nivi: “I have enjoyed my work with the Nivi team. The team works together and are always willing to help each other. Everyone in the global Nivi team participates in discussions and seeks suggestions or ideas to work together to solve complex problems.”

RushiThakker copy.png

Rushi Thakker (he/him/his)


Nivi Insights - Frontend Developer (Jeavio)


Rushi is a versatile software engineer who works with frontend, backend & mobile technologies. Always on the lookout to keep learning.

Why Nivi: “Working with Nivi has allowed me to learn a lot about data analytics. The team is always enthusiastic and hard-working. I could not ask for anything more!”


Safina Okumu (she/her/hers)


Social Media Content and Marketing Coordinator


Safina Okumu is a digital media executive with Journalism training from the Technical University of Kenya. In her 6 years experience she has worked as a copywriter and social media content creator and social media sub editor  for leading Kenyan brands and media outlets resulting in them leading social media engagement in Kenya through native and paid advertising. She is certified by Thomson Reuters on Digital Journalism Foundations, Verifying Fake News by the BBC and Facebook Blueprint. At Nivi she is the Social Media Content and Marketing coordinator responsible for streamlining the content creation process and distribution strategies to engage Nivi’s audience and grow followership.

Why Nivi: “As they say content is King distribution is queen, I am passionate about content creation and Nivi’s reproductive health content is King in making our audience access better healthcare, be informed and educated by engaging on our platforms.”


Sagar Karathiya (he/him/his)


Nivi Insights - Performance, Quality and Test Automation Engineer (Jeavio)


Sagar is a senior engineering professional with an eye for detail. Quality Assurance & Automating things are his true passion. He loves to help build out life changing products.

Why Nivi: “Quality Assurance and Automation is my passion. Working with Nivi has helped me build life changing products used by a large number of people. This provides me with enormous gratification.. Nivi provided me with an opportunity to understand how technology can address issues around healthcare.”


Shivam Khosla (he/him/his)


Nivi Insights - Backend & API Developer (Jeavio)


Shivam is a passionate developer who has an avid interest in machine learning, DL and natural language processing. He loves spending time learning how to use his software engineering background to solve complex problems.

Why Nivi: “Working with Nivi has given me the chance to build on my technical experience and explore a new domain. Although we are a global and distributed team, I always feel like my ideas and concerns are heard.”

Sidd Goyal.jpg

Siddhartha Goyal (he/him/his)


Co-founder, CEO


Sidd is an engineer with Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Computer Science from MIT. He brings to Nivi experience in leveraging mobile devices for transforming both enterprise and consumer markets, by empowering individuals with the information they need to make informed decisions. He has had multiple successful exits from companies he has co-founded, including Assured Labor, a mobile job marketplace for low wage labor in Latin America, served as CTO of the world's first link shortener, TinyURL, and prior to Nivi was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for an early stage venture fund, Invested Development, where he spent significant time working in Kenya and India (Nivi's first markets). As CEO of Nivi, he has leveraged these experiences to bring together the best in technology, distribution, and business models and built a diverse team of talented individuals to create a new model of self-care for the billion plus consumers in emerging markets who lack access to quality care.

Why Nivi: “I believe that everyone has the ability to achieve their own aspirations and given the right environment and chances can do so. I founded Nivi to create that enabling environment and give each individual the opportunity to take control of their own health.”