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For Healthcare Providers

Looking to increase your sales?

Do you want to see more patients visiting your clinic? Do you want to drive more sales in your pharmacy? Looking for more transactions on your eCommerce site?

Our conversational marketplace, askNivi, is available to your audience where they already are - on messaging platforms like WhatsApp. Through a unique combination of behavioral science, real-time data segmented by demographic and behavioral attributes, and AI, askNivi provides those audiences with the tools they need to engage with their own health.

You will have a more confident patient referred to your doorstep–making the business of providing care more efficient for you.


Nivi has increasingly focused its efforts on giving its users retail options for obtaining sexual and reproductive health products. In Kenya, this has meant referring more users to one of Nivi's earliest online pharmacy partners, MyDawa. MyDawa is one of Kenya's first online pharmacies offering over the counter (OTC) and prescription health products, and fast, convenient delivery across Kenya. Throughout 2022, about 40% of Nivi referrals contained at least one option for a user to buy a Nivi recommended product through MyDawa.

To improve sales among users referred to MyDawa, Nivi introduced a purchasing model where a user can purchase a MyDawa product directly through the askNivi marketplace. Among users given referrals for an HIV self-test kit, 7% opted to purchase a kit through askNivi. These findings show the promise of online commerce to segment users, target purchasing opportunities to relevant audiences, and promote sale of essential health products.


Who's Achieving Their Goals with Nivi Performance



MyDawa is Kenya's leading online pharmacy and works to ensure that every Kenyan can avail quality, secure, and affordable medicines and wellness products online.

MyDawa uses Nivi Performance to drive online sales of select health and wellness products through Nivi's guided referrals.


inSupply Health

inSupply Health works with both public and private sectors to foster people-centered, data-driven, responsive, resilient supply chains that also address issues of equity, efficiency, and accountability. inSupply works with users to understand their problems and co-create solutions with them, focusing on process and technology innovations, while ensuring that solutions are contextualized, scalable, and sustainable.

In Kenya, inSupply uses Nivi Performance to generate demand for reproductive health products available at local pharmacies.


Avenir Health

Avenir Health is a global health organization that works to improve policies and programs on reproductive health, population issues, HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health.

Avenir Health used Nivi Performance to target women users of the askNivi chatbot in India and Kenya to respond to their “Shaping the Future of Contraceptives” web survey.


HealthX Africa

HealthX Africa makes high quality primary health care accessible, affordable, convenient and equal. It uses the power of digital technology to reach every user with quality primary health care services wherever they are, whenever they want, and as often as they need. Their trusted, qualified and licensed primary health care doctors and wellness advisors are available to every user, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to meet their health and wellness needs and aspirations.

HealthX Africa uses Nivi Performance in Kenya to generate qualified leads HealthX's unique telemedicine and virtual health services.


Marie Stopes Kenya

Marie Stopes Kenya is dedicated to providing a wide range of high-quality and affordable services in sexual and reproductive health, pregnancy crisis counseling and management, family planning, and general health services.

Marie Stopes Kenya leverages Nivi Performance to engage and refer askNivi chatbot users to its clinics where they can avail various sexual and reproductive health services.

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