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Nivi partners with Ninety & APA Insurance to offer a game-changing insurance solution in Kenya.

We are thrilled to share a groundbreaking partnership that not only propels us into innovative frontiers but also tugs at the strings of empathy and genuine human connection. In collaboration with Ninety Innovation, its dynamic subsidiary, ARK Venture Studio, and APA Insurance we are introducing an innovative insurance product that goes beyond conventional boundaries.

About the Partnership

Ninety & ARK Venture Studio are trailblazers in crafting cutting-edge insurance solutions worldwide, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to addressing health and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks. Their wealth of experience in the insurance landscape, paired with Nivi's extensive knowledge of health behaviors and healthcare, this partnership has resulted in a remarkable collaboration aimed at creating a unique insurance product tailored to women's health needs.

This endeavor is more than just a collaboration; it's a fusion of expertise, innovation, and a shared vision to make a positive impact on the lives of Women in Kenya. We are proud to present "APA Femina Plus" specifically developed for today’s woman, it does not require any checkups before signup, just a simple application form and the woman is covered.

Sidd's comments on the Femina Plus Insurance Launch
Hear from Sidd Goyal (CEO, Nivi) on this exciting partnership.

How it all started

This journey started when Nivi launched a new HPV and cervical cancer health journey on its askNivi platform in Kenya in September 2022, engaging consumers on these topics to raise awareness and educate about HPV, cervical cancer, and the link between the two. The journey not only informed consumers, it also enabled Nivi to understand consumers’ knowledge levels, their prevailing attitudes to prevention, treatment and screening, and their current health seeking behaviors.

Insights gathering process for Ninety
Insights process for Ninety's Insurance Product

Based on this, we collaborated with Ninety to further explore what people think about a new health insurance product for women. The insights gathered from this exercise went into crafting a low-cost insurance product tailored to women's cancers, including cervical cancer, and preventative measures like the HPV vaccine. The insurance product “Femina Plus’' was developed in coordination with APA Insurance and is powered by YuBuntu. This exciting partnership takes the insurance idea and expands it with an enhanced askNivi experience to seamlessly integrate risk protection with health system navigation, enabling women (and their partners) to access covered services efficiently.

Comprehensive Healthcare experience & empowering preventive care

Going forward, APA Insurance will enroll policyholders via employer-based programs. Beneficiaries will then be onboarded to askNivi’s dedicated journey for Femina Plus, where they are educated about the plan and how to get the most out of it. Beneficiaries will be encouraged to take up timely preventive services. Going a step further, askNivi will help beneficiaries to schedule an appointment, after which askNivi will follow-up with the user to gauge their experience at the facility. This focus on navigation and feedback makes this a comprehensive healthcare experience from an end-to-end integration perspective.

The aim is to support a higher than average uptake of preventive care services by emphasizing preventive services. The ability to offer a highly personalized experience to beneficiaries is expected to drive better health outcomes. For example, in the health benefits package, one of the services offered is the 3-dose HPV vaccination. After the users report receiving the first dose, askNivi will send them timely reminders for the follow-up doses. The best part of it all, the Femina Plus beneficiaries also receive free access to all of askNivi Kenya’s health journeys for well-rounded awareness and agency to achieve their personal health objectives.

Anticipating global impact

The impact of this partnership is substantial. By demonstrating that we can facilitate access to preventative services, like the HPV vaccine, for insured individuals, we're poised to set a new standard for patient-centered healthcare experiences worldwide. While the build phase and deployment in Kenya are underway, we eagerly anticipate onboarding insurance customers onto askNivi, paving the way for this insurance-enabled healthcare journey. We look forward to sharing our progress and showcasing how the insights-to-action pathway allowed an insurance provider to develop a patient-centered healthcare experience.


We continue to refine our ability to segment and serve the fast growing user base in India, Kenya and Nigeria to meet their health aspirations by helping address their specific health needs. Organizations looking to tap into the power of digital technologies and behavioral sciences to advance public health causes have been partnering with Nivi to leverage its expertise and distribution. For organizations keen to support equitable healthcare access, working with Nivi can empower access to services that reach otherwise underserved communities. If you’d like to explore how we can help further your cause and drive better public health outcomes on therapies and topics of interest to you, reach out!


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